How to use onVine

Preset Templates

Bring events to life in moments with our step-by-step creator.

  • Select one of the specially created event templates.
  • Customise the template with the easy-to-use event editor.
  • Publish finished events at the click of a button and update them on the fly.

Registration & Promotion

Start getting the word out.

  • Use the pre-set form to start capturing your registrants.
  • Generate sharing optimised links to reach any size audience quickly and easily.
  • Monitor registrations in real-time and track best channels for promotion.

Resource Sharing

Share content with attendees in a variety of formats.

  • Use intuitive tools to add downloadable and streaming content to any event.
  • Stream video content from zoom, youtube and vimeo.
  • Manage the event experience with flexible, one-touch content availability options.

Marketing Insights

Stay updated with real-time dashboards and reporting.

  • Event dashboards provide essential performance snapshots.
  • Set targets at event and session level to drive promotion and gauge success.
  • Access attendee insight to understand behaviour before, during and after an event.

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