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Sage Webinar



Delivered through onVine, Sage ran a webinar titled “Top HR Metrics for driving business decision-making” talking through the results of a survey conducted by over 500 HR and business leaders about the role of HR analytics in organisations today.

Sage achieved over 280 registrants with a 43% attendance rate, significantly higher than webinars run on a similar platform.

Clear Review Webinar

Clear Review


Clear Review wanted to delve into how the last year and a half has really effected organisations, the challenges they have faced, and what they have learnt from all of this.

Benefiting from the onVine platform, they achieved the highest webinar attendance rate that we have ever seen at 52%.

Bridge Webinar



Bridge looked to respond to the ‘Great Resignation’ and detailed 3 reasons employees are quitting and what to do about it.

Using the tools and chat functionality available via onVine, the webinar performed very well with high interaction from the audience, resulting in 16 questions and comments and high levels of engagement via an interactive poll.

HR Live 2021

Virtual Event

onVine powered the experience of thousands of HR leaders, supporting a major publisher in the b2b HR space to generate deep engagement with a global audience.

The programme consisted of 4 sessions, 2 15-minute firesides and 4 breakout sessions running back to back for 2 days.

HR Tech

Virtual Event

In response to a sudden change in the event landscape, onVine made it possible for HR Grapevine to transition quickly into virtual experiences.

The platform enabled HR technology solutions providers to showcase their expertise, achieving 4300 registrations, with over 2500 attendees across both days.

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